Manually configure Windows Phone devices for email hosted on Exchange 2007

 ActiveSync devices are unique based on device and provider. You will need the information provided in the User Control Panel to set up Exchange on an ActiveSync device:

1. Log into your User Control Panel.

2. Under the Client Setup section, click the ActiveSync link. This will open the Setting Up ActiveSync window. You will need this information to set up the account.

3. Locate the Settings options from within your application menu.

4. Select Email + Accounts.

5. Select Add an Account.

6. Select the option for Advanced Setup.

7. Enter your full email address and password for your account, then press the sign in button.

8. Select Exchange ActiveSync.

9. The Exchange setup screen will open; you'll then enter the following information:

  • Username - Enter the User name exactly as it is from the Setting Up ActiveSync window. The User name is different from the email address.
  • Domain - Enter the Domain address exactly as it is from the Setting Up ActiveSync window.
  • Server- Enter the Server address exactly as it is from the Setting Up ActiveSync window.
  • Account Name- Enter a descriptive name for your account (e.g., My Work Account). This description will be visible only to you.

10. Select the sign in button. Once connected, you will see a new icon within your settings menu with the name of your new email account.

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