Manually configure Blackberry 10 devices for email hosted on Exchange 2007

The following steps are required to configure Microsoft Exchange 2007 ActiveSync on a Blackberry 10 Phone:

1. After your administrator has purchased an Activesync license and assigned it to your mailbox, you'll want to log into your User Control Panel at the following URL:

2. Once you're logged in, scroll down to the Client Setup section and click on the ActiveSync link. This will open the Setting Up ActiveSync window which will contain the information needed to set up your device.

3. Locate the Settings options from within your home menu.

4. Select Accounts.

5. Select Advanced from the bottom of the screen, or you may need to select the Add Account first if you already have an account setup.

6. Select Microsoft® Exchange ActiveSync.

7. Enter your full email address, server address, domain exactly as it is from the setting up activesync window. Then enter your mailbox password.

8. Confirm which personal information you would like to sync from your Exchange mailbox to your Blackberry, then select Done.

9. Wait for your Blackberry to complete verifying your settings.

10. When this is complete, you will see your list of accounts as well as the new account that was setup.

11. To check for new messages swipe up from the bottom of the screen then to the right, and then select your Mail account to view your inbox.


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