Manage User Spam Settings for Rackspace Email

The following article will explore more about how to manage individual user spam settings and how to save your configuration. Take a look at the following steps:

1. First thing we'll do is log into the Control Panel and once you're logged in, Mouse over the Go to section drop-down menu and select Domains

Domains link highlighted.

2. In the Spam Filtering section, click the Set Preferences link.
Set preferences link highlighted.

3. If you have multiple domains, you may be prompted to select a domain name. Or, to change domains at any time, click the change domain link.

4. Depending on the type of mailbox, click either the Individual Rackspace Email Mailbox or Individual Hosted Exchange Mailbox link.

5. Click the user’s mailbox name.

6. In the Settings section, click the appropriate button to turn spam filtering on or off. Or, click the Exclusive button to receive email only from senders on the safelist.

7. If you turned spam filtering on, indicate how messages should be handled:

Rackspace Email Handling

  • Deliver to Spam folder—Spam messages are sent to the user’s Spam folder.

Note: If you would like to automatically delete messages from this folder, select the Delete after [    ] days or [    ] total email check box and enter a specified number of days and/or total emails.

  • Delete the email immediately—Spam email will be deleted automatically and not delivered to the user's mailbox. Note: Email will be permanently deleted and will not be retrievable.
  • Include "[SPAM]" at the beginning of the subject line—Spam email will be delivered to the user's Inbox, but will include the text "[SPAM]" in the Subject line.
  • Deliver to the email address—Spam messages are sent to an address in your domain that you specify.


Exchange Handling

  • Send spam to the quarantine for this recipient—Each Exchange mailbox has its own Quarantine Manager, located in the User Control Panel. (Note: Users can log into the User Control Panel at, using their Exchange email address and password.) Email that is filtered as spam will be directed to the Quarantine Manager, where the user can then view and delete quarantined emails, or mark them as Not Spam.
  • Send spam to domain quarantine—Spam will be directed to the domain-level quarantine, rather than to the individual Quarantine Manager for the mailbox.

Note: To log into the domain-level Quarantine Manager, click the Log into the Quarantine Manager link, located in the Exchange Handling section of the entire domain spam settings page.) Email that is filtered as spam will be directed to the domain-level Quarantine Manager, where the administrator can then view and delete quarantined emails, or mark them as Not Spam.

  • Send quarantine notifications to—If you choose to send spam to the user's quarantine, they will receive quarantine updates by default. To receive email updates at an additional address, enter an email address in the Send quarantine notifications to box.

8. Click the Save button.

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