Logging into a Windows server using RDP with Local Resources

This article shows you how to connect and log in to your Windows Cloud Server using the Remote Desktop (RDP) connection client.  It is also easy to use the drives and resources from your local Windows machine in your RDP session.

Windows Versions

The screenshots below show how to use RDP via Windows XP.  Different versions of Windows will vary slightly, however the operation of Remote Desktop remains the same across all versions of Windows.

Starting the Client

1.  To start Remote Desktop, click Start > Run and type mstsc in the Open: field.

2.  Before entering the IP address and Username for your Cloud Server, click the Options button in the lower right corner of the Remote Desktop Connection Screen.

3.  Click on the Local Resources tab, check the boxes marked Printer and Clipboard, and press the More button.



4.  Under the Local Devices and Resources section, check the boxes marked Drives and, optionally, Supported Plug and Play devices and press OK.



Logging in to Your Server



1.  Go back to the General tab and enter the IP address of your Cloud Server in the Computer Name.  If this is your first time connecting, you must login as the user Administrator.  Press the Connect button to initiate the connection to your Cloud Server.


2.  Enter the current Administrator password for your Cloud Server.

3.  Congratulations you will have successfully connected and logged in to your new Windows Cloud Server with the ability to use the local resources of your own Windows machine!


Using an RDP connection is the standard way to access your Windows Cloud Server when everything is working as it should.  If your server has become unreachable through RDP or the Web Console, you may have to place the server in Windows Rescue Mode.

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