Logging in to Your Server via RDP (Windows)

This article addresses how to connect and log in to your Windows Server using Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol.

Windows and Mac Versions

The screenshots below show how to use RDP via Windows XP. Different versions of Windows such as Vista and Windows 7 will vary slightly, however the operation of Remote Desktop remains the same across all versions of Windows.

On a Mac, you will need to download and install the Remote Desktop Connection Client for Mac. The steps to connect to your server are very similar. You can download the software here

For more information on configuring and running Remote Desktop Connection for Mac please see this link

Running the Remote Desktop Connection Client

To find Remote Desktop, click Start - All Programs - Accessories - Communications - Remote Desktop Connection


Now, enter the IP address of the server and simply press Connect.


If you would like to set up file transfer or enable your clipboard for copy/paste, press Options...


Click on the Local Resources tab - check Clipboard - click More - click Drives


You can save your session by clicking on the General tab, then clicking Save As...

Logging in to Your Server

Once you have connected, you will see the Windows log in screen. To log in for the first time, enter Computer Name\Administrator and the corresponding password (this is the password that was emailed to you when your server build was completed).


Congratulations you have successfully connected and logged in to your new server!

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