Learn more about Cloud Servers

The Basics

Using Regions, Explains the concept of regions as they relate to Cloud Servers.

Internal and External Access, IP addresses for public and private access to next generation Cloud Servers.

Logging into My Server, How to remotely log into your Cloud Server.

Managing My Server, Tasks you can perform on Cloud Servers using the Cloud Control Panel.


Best Practices

Choosing the Right Image and Size, How to determine the right size and operating system image for a new Cloud Server.

Using Tags, How to use tags to organize your cloud infrastructure.

Configuring Basic Security, How to secure your new Cloud Server.

Rebuilding a Server, How to rebuild a Cloud Server using the Cloud Control Panel.


Additional Resources

Calculating Price, Determine the cost of creating a new Cloud Server.

FAQ, Frequently asked questions about Cloud Servers.

Product Page, Product information about Cloud Servers on www.rackspace.com.

API Documentation, Access to the Cloud Servers API.

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