Learn more about Cloud Servers

Looking for information about Cloud Servers? The following sections contain links to resources on a range of topics, from pricing and region options to logging in to a new server.

The basics

About regions: Explains the concept of regions as they relate to Cloud Servers.

Private and Public Access: Provides details about public and private IP addresses assigned to cloud servers.

Connect to a cloud server: Explains how to remotely log in to your server.

Managing My Server: Describes tasks that you can perform on servers by using the Cloud Control Panel.

Best practices

Choosing the Right Size Server: Explains how to determine the right size and operating system image for a new server.

Using Cloud Servers Tags: Explains how to use tags to organize your cloud infrastructure.

Configuring basic security: Provides information about how to secure your new server.

Rebuild a Cloud Server: Describes how to rebuild a server by using the Cloud Control Panel.

Additional resources

Calculating Price: Helps you determine the cost of creating a new cloud server.

FAQ: Answers frequently asked questions about Cloud Servers.

Product Page: Provides product information about Cloud Servers.

API Documentation: Provides documentation for using the Cloud Servers API.

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