Installing XenServer Tools on Next Generation Windows Cloud Servers

An earlier version of the XenServer Tools software that is installed on Next Generation Windows Cloud Servers has been found to cause server instability in rare cases.

This document walks through installing XenServer Tools version 6.0.2-58937 to resolve the issue.

We strongly recommend backing up any important data (and possibly taking a snapshot of your server) before attempting the installation, to be on the safe side.

Upgrade, don't uninstall

If your Cloud Server is affected by this issue, do not uninstall the existing Citrix XenServer Tools package. Upgrade the package in place. Uninstalling the existing XenServer Tools software will render your server inaccessible.

Affected instances

This issue only affects Next Generation Cloud Servers. First Generation Cloud Servers (which appear with asterisks next to their names in the Cloud Control Panel) are not affected.

To determine whether you need a newer version of XenServer Tools installed, check your current version under Programs and Features in the Windows control panel.


If the listed version is less than 6.0-58937 you should upgrade.

Note that the upgrade will require a reboot of your instance to complete the process.

Download the package

You can download the recommended version of XenServer Tools by clicking this link or by pasting the following URL into a browser:

Install the package

Extract the XenServer Tools zip file to a directory of your choosing, then navigate into the software directory and run the "xensetup.exe" program to launch the installer.

NOTE: Change the target directory when installing the software from the default (which wants to install to the "Program Files (x86)" directory) to:

C:\Program Files\Citrix\XenTools

Pointing the installer to the Program Files directory will ensure that the old XenServer Tools files will be overwritten.

Restart the instance

After the installer is complete, reboot the server so the change will take effect.

Confirm the installation

After the instance has rebooted you can confirm the installation was successful by checking the version of XenServer Tools in Programs and Features, as described above. The new version should be 6.0-58937 or higher.

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