How to Find a Private Cloud Provider, Not Just a Virtualization Vendor

There is more to a Private Cloud than simply virtualization technology. A true private cloud is backed up by a technology partner that provides everything you need for private cloud, going well beyond the virtualization layer itself. Your private cloud vendor should be prepared to provide you with the hardware, virtualization technology, technical expertise, and ongoing maintenance necessary to keep your private cloud functioning.  


All of the resources in your private cloud should be fully managed by a partner that not only has the required expertise, but also understands your business and how private cloud fits your needs. This means managing everything including the server hardware, hypervisor, and guest operating systems. Your private cloud should protect your data at the level your business requires. This includes guest system backups, hypervisor backups, spare parts for hardware failures, and a strong Service Level Agreement (SLA) to provide peace of mind.  


Your private cloud vendor should have three types of resources: in-house expertise; intra-industry partners; and partnerships with other technology leaders in virtualization, networking, and storage technologies. These partners become your partners, and by leveraging those relationships, you will always have the best and brightest minds in the industry available to help you.  


The final thing that a true private cloud vendor needs to bring to the table is innovation. Cloud computing requires a whole new way of thinking about how computing resources are deployed and consumed. You need a true partner that is not only providing the latest in cloud technology, but is also thinking about future innovation.  


What you're looking for is simple: a partner that has the expertise and resources to give you a fully managed private cloud; the industry relationships to stay ahead of the trends and tackle challenging problems; and the vision to truly innovate and build the private clouds of the future.

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