How to backup your MySQL database with phpMyAdmin

Backing Up Your MySQL Database

  1. To manage your MySQL database, you'll first need to login to the online manager (phpMyAdmin).
  2. After you are logged into the online manager, click on a database or table in the left frame as shown in this example:

    phpMyAdmin Databases

    The properties for this database or table will be displayed.
  3. Then on the menu, click Export:

    phpMyAdmin Export tab

    This interface will generate a backup file that can be used to recreate your database or table (it's actually just a file containing standard SQL statements).
  4. To save the backup, you will need to check the box marked Save as file, so that phpMyAdmin will prompt you to download the resulting backup file. You can also change the name of the backup file and the compression--though the defaults are both fine if you would rather not change anything. If you do choose to use compression this will allow you to have a smaller backup file on your desktop if you are planning to keep it as a personal archive. The recommended setting is "gzipped":

    phpMyAdmin Save As File
  5. Finish by pressing the Go button; this may take a few moments to complete. You will then be prompted to save the file to your desktop.

Finish Line

Congratulations! You have just created a backup of your MySQL database!

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