How do I migrate my website from a host that uses Cpanel, Plesk or Ensim?

To migrate your website from a CPanel, Plesk or Ensim host, you will need to make sure you have FTP program to upload and download your files, and a text editor to edit any file paths that your site may contain.

The first step to start your migration is to log into your previous server and locate your web files. Once you have located them you will need to download them to a folder on your computer. Doing this will make a working copy of your website in case of an emergency.

Note: Make sure you set your FTP program to download your files in AUTO mode, this will ensure that image files are downloaded in binary and text files in ASCII.

Once you have made a copy of your site from your previous server you will now need to log into your new FTP server and locate your / folder. This folder is where you can upload your PHP, ASP, HTML, and other web content that you previously downloaded from your old host. Once you have found and opened this folder you can begin to upload your files. Again, make sure your FTP program is set to AUTO mode during the upload. Uploading files in AUTO mode will ensure that your files are transferred to our server in their correct state.

Once you have uploaded your files to your FTP server you can test your website via your test link, for example: a href="" without having to change your DNS. If you notice any broken links or images, then make sure you check your website code for any absolute links and change them to relative links, for example, a href ="link.html"). After you have confirmed that your site is in working order, you can now update your DNS to point to our servers. Within 24-48 hours your site will resolve from our servers.

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