Hosted Lync DNS Setup Guide

This article shows you how to set up DNS for your hosted implementation of Microsoft Lync. To complete the configuration, you need to create two different kinds of entries on your DNS server.

Note: If you are a Rackspace Hosted Exchange customer, then these settings are in addition to what you may currently have for Hosted Exchange Autodiscover:

  • Service Records (SRV)

How do I enable these DNS Records?

Contact your DNS hosting provider and ask them to create the following DNS records. If you have access to the control panel for your DNS, you can make this change yourself. If you have an internal DNS you will need to set these records up on your Internal DNS as well.

1.     CNAME Record (Alias)



TTL (Time To Live):

Points To


lowest possible


lowest possible


lowest possible

Note: Replace in the examples above with your own domain name.

2.     SRV Records (SRV)

The records below are Service Records. A Service Record (SRV) is a specification of data in the DNS defining the location (hostname and port number) of servers for specified services. You will need to define both of the following SRV records:











  Note: Replace in the examples above with your own domain name.


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