Getting Started With Cloud Sites - Creating Sub-domains and/or Domain Aliases

Note: This article is written for our Cloud Sites Control Panel. You can get to it from the Cloud Control Panel by clicking your name in the upper-right corner and selecting Cloud Sites Control Panel.

We've already discuss how to create a new domain, but what about creating a subdomain? Better yet, how do I create an alias? Let's discuss how this can be done through your Cloud Control Panel.

What is a Subdomain?

In the DNS hierarchy a subdomain is any part of the URL that precedes the second-level domain name and the top-level domain name.  When looking at the domain "", ".com" is the top-level domain and "example" is the second-level domain.

A subdomain is anything beyond that second-level domain.  That means "" describes the "www" subdomain of "" (making "www" the third-level domain in the example).

Subdomains aren't limited to just one level.  You can have a "photos" subdomain, making "".

Note that Cloud Sites only automatically adds "www" when a site is created with a second-level domain name (""). Unfortunately, Cloud Sites does not support "www" as a fourth-level domain; for example:

How Do I Create a Subdomain?

  • Enter the subdomain and domain name into the Domain Name text box (i.e.
  • Click Add New Site

  • Choose the length of time for which you want to purchase the domain name (only if you haven't already registered the domain). Click Next Step
  • Select a Hosting Plan and click Next Step
  • Choose any Additional Options and click Next Step
  • Review your selections and then click Next Step to finalize the creation of the subdomain

And that's it! You've added your first subdomain. You may have already notices, but adding a subdomain follows the same exact steps you would take if you were adding a regular domain name. The process is the same with the only difference being that you entered a subdomain in the Domain Name text box to be created. Next, let's take a look at how you can create a domain alias. 


How to Create a Domain Alias

Pointing a domain or a subdomain to an existing website is made very easy on Cloud Sites when you follow these simple directions:

  • Under Add a New Website select the Site Owner from the pull-down menu. The Site Owner needs to be the same client account as the domain you are going to alias to
  • Type the domain or subdomain in the Domain Name text box and click Add New Site

  • On the next page choose to either register the domain, or if you already own it, simply indicate that you would like to "Set up the website without registering the domain." Click Next Step
  • Scroll down until you see the Other Options tab. Once there, select Point to another website (alias) and click Next Step

  • Select the website you want to point to from the list, and click Next Step

That's all there is to it! You've now added a domain alias. The domain alias will now direct traffic to the domain you selected. 

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