Getting Started on a Windows Cloud Server

NOTE: This article is written for our Cloud Sites Control Panel. A version of this article written for our Next Generation Cloud Servers is also available here: Creating a Windows cloud server.


  • Administrative access to the Cloud Sites Control Panel


  • Login to the Cloud Sites Control Panel
  • Navigate to Hosting->Cloud Servers
  • Click on Add Server button
  • Click on the Windows tab in order to see the options as shown below.


  • Press on the "Select" button for the appropriate Windows Operating system from the list shown
  • Alternately select an image from "User Backups". Refer creating servers from backups
  • Provide a name of the server which serves as a label for the Cloud server (no special characters, please!)
  • Select the memory and drive size configuration from available options such as
    • 256 MB,10 GB
    • 512 MB,20 GB
    • 1024 MB,40 GB
    • 2048 MB,80 GB
    • 4096 MB,160 GB
  • Click on Create Server button to start the build


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