Getting RackConnect Support

Your Dedicated/Managed Hosting Support Team is your first point of contact for RackConnect Support.  They will help you isolate and resolve issues as needed.

Your service experience is our top priority.  Therefore, we ALWAYS recommend that you use Cloud Servers with a Managed Cloud Service Level with your RackConnect environment.  This way Rackspace will be able to assist you in directly troubleshooting your servers.

Please note that RackConnect does not include a different support agreement than what you already have in place.  In some cases, you may have purchased a different support level for your dedicated environment and your cloud environment.  For example, you may have a Managed Hosting service level for your Dedicated Account and Managed Infrastructure cloud account.  This means that while your Managed Hosting team can help you isolate problems with your cloud account, they will not be able to log into your Cloud Servers to fix issues.

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