General Purpose Cloud Servers: How-to articles and other resources

First Generation and Next Generation Cloud Servers:  How To Articles & Other Resources



·         Next Generation Cloud Servers API Developer Guide

·         Next Generation Cloud Servers Getting Started Guide

·         Next Generation Cloud Servers Release Notes

·         First Generation API v1.0 and Next Generation API v2 Differences

·         First Generation Cloud Servers API Developer Guide

·         First Generation Cloud Servers API Schema Types


Popular How To Articles from the Rackspace Knowledge Center

The Rackspace Knowledge Center houses “how-to” articles, getting started guides, code samples, security best practices and hundreds of tips for getting the most out of your Cloud Servers.  Check out these popular articles:

·         Cloud Servers: Frequently Asked Questions

·         Cloud Servers: The First 48 Hours

·         Cloud Servers: Basic Cloud Server Security

·         Cloud Servers: Configuring Image Backups

·         Cloud Servers: Creating a DNS Record

·         Cloud Servers: CentOS - Apache and PHP Install

·         Cloud Servers: MySQL - Connect to your database remotely

·         Cloud Servers: Installing RHEL EPEL Repo on Centos 5.x or 6.x


Popular Technical Articles from the Rackspace Blog

·         Rackspace Cloud Does Droid

·         The Rackspace Cloud Powered By OpenStack

·         Optimizing Your Drupal Site

·         Coding in the Cloud - Rule 2 - Don't write to the database in real time

·         Installing and Configuring LVS-TUN

·         Storing Data In Cloud Files With Rails

·         Running Multiple Websites on a Cloud Server with 1 IP

·         Rackspace Cloud Servers vs. VPS Platforms


Learn About the OpenStack Compute Nova Project

The next generation Rackspace Cloud Servers is powered by OpenStack’s Compute Nova project.  If you want to build your own OpenStack Compute Nova solution or dig into the details of the OpenStack project that powers Cloud Servers, check out: 

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