Forced MX Routing

What is Forced MX Routing?

Typically used during an email migration to Rackspace, Forced MX Routing allows you to add your domain and all mailboxes to the Rackspace Email environment while still being able to send and receieve mail on your old environment.  Enabling this feature will ensure that emails sent to your domain from current Rackspace users do not deliver to the mailboxes on our system.  Those emails will be routed to your live environment instead.  

Enabling Forced MX Routing is ideal for customers who wish to Pre-Stage their email migration to Rackspace.  This allows a company to completely mirror their current environment, migrate all data, and setup all users, without affecting the delivery of email until the date of the MX records change.  

If Forced MX Routing has been enabled, it's important that it be immediately disabled after the switch-over to Rackspace. Not doing so may result in email delivery problems for the domain.  

How to Enable/Disable Forced MX Routing

If you require Forced MX Routing, please contact our support team and request that Forced MX Routing be enabled. We are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, through the following contact avenues:

  1. Chat - via the Cloud Office Control Panel
  2. Ticket - via the Cloud Office Control Panel

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