Enabling and using apache's mod_status Overview

What is mod_status?

While you can get information on the connections being made to apache by checking its access log, if you want more immediate information about what apache is up to you can enable mod_status. This module allows you to view a detailed status page for your web server. This information can be useful for watching your web server's performance during load testing or for allowing a monitoring program like munin or mrtg to gather activity data for later aggregation.

The Apache Project keeps their server status page available to the general public. To get a look at a fairly busy web site's status page visit http://www.apache.org/server-status

The distribution-specific articles describe how to enable mod_status and view its output.


  • What is mod_status?
  • Enable mod_status
  • Configure access
  • ExtendedStatus
  • Restart apache
  • Install Lynx
  • View the status page


Distribution links

To access the initial mod_status install article that corresponds to the Linux distribution running on your slice, click the appropriate link below:

Further reading

For more information about mod_status and the details it reports check the Apache mod_status documentation.


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