Email administrator guidelines

The Cloud Office Administrative role (administrator), the role of a user who has no administrative privileges (email user), and the role the Rackspace Support team have distinct responsibilities.

How does Fanatical Support for email work?

Your email services include expertise in server management, maintenance, patching, and updates, as well as Fanatical Support for your administrators. We try to make email administration as simple as possible, but of course we are here to help 24x7x365!


What is an email administrator?

An email administrator is the person listed on the account who is responsible for adding and editing users, setting up mailboxes, setting up email user clients and devices, and maintaining the account. This person is typically someone in your IT department or the owner or manager in smaller organizations.

How do I add an administrator?

Use the Add Administrator tool in the Control Panel.

What are my responsibilities as an administrator?

The following table summarizes the responsibilities of Rackspace support and administrators.

What Rackspace provides for administrators

What administrators provide for email users

24x7x365 chat, phone, and ticket support

Handling of all user support contacts and questions

Support and troubleshooting

Support, troubleshooting, and setup for email users

Automatic setup tools such as AutoDiscover, the iPhone Setup Tool for Exchange, and the Outlook setup tool

Access to Rackspace Knowledge Center and other resources

Knowledge Center with useful troubleshooting information and setup instructions

Maintainenance of account information and administrator contact list via the Control Panel

How can I prepare my email users to set up email on their client or mobile device?

Our support site offers multiple articles that provide you and your email users with step-by-step instructions on client and mobile device setup. Following are a few articles:

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