Domains: Cloud Office Control Panel

You use the Domains section of the Cloud Office Control Panel to easily manage self-service migration, DNS settings, spam filtering rules, access rights, disclaimers, and archiving.

Manage Domains

From the Manage Domains section of the control panel, you can perform the following domain-related tasks:

Spam Filtering

From the Spam Filtering section of the control panel, you can manage the spam settings for domains and users. For instructions, see Spam Preferences, Safe Lists, and Black List In Rackspace Email.


You can use the Tools section of the control panel to configure various domain-wide settings and tools:


Use the Support section to access support documents for the most common questions and to view or create tickets if you need assistance.

If you click the View / Create Ticket link, you access a page that provides the ability to create a new ticket and view past tickets:

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