DNS records for email with Rackspace

One of the most important settings to configure for your Rackspace email service is the DNS. Without the correct DNS settings associated to your domain, you will experience problems receiving email. Please read the sections below detailing the most common DNS record-types for email transfer.

MX Records

Autodiscover Record

SPF Record


MX Records

A Mail Exchange, or MX, record directs incoming email sent to your domain to the specific server set up to accept email traffic on behalf of your domain. For example, if your email is hosted through Rackspace you will have a set of MX records that point to mx1.emailsrvr.com (10) and mx2.emailsrvr.com (20).

Set up MX Records

Hostname Time To Live (TTL) Record Type Destination Priority
blank or @ 3600 MX mx1.emailsrvr.com 10
blank or @ 3600 MX mx2.emailsrvr.com 20

Note: In order to change the settings for your domain, you must own and have access to edit these records. If you do not have access to do so, please contact your DNS provider. Typically it takes between 24 and 48 hours for changes to DNS records to fully propagate. We typically recommend updating your DNS records during the off-peak traffic hours to allow for DNS propagation. No mail will be lost during this time.


Autodiscover Record

Autodiscover is a service that allows you and your team to easily configure your email clients, knowing only your Rackspace or Microsoft Exchange email address and password. Autodiscover also enables additional features for Microsoft Exchange mailboxes such as: downloading the offline address book, viewing Free/Busy time in a calendar, and the Out-of-Office Assistant.

Note: Autodiscover is not compatible with Outlook 2011 and Mac Mail

Setting up Autodiscover

Hostname Time To Live (TTL) Record Type Destination
autodiscover lowest possible CNAME autodiscover.emailsrvr.com

Note: Some DNS providers require your full domain name in the hostname field; e.g. if your domain is example.com, your hostname would be autodiscover.example.com


SPF Record

The Sender Policy Framework record, better known as the “SPF” Record, is a DNS record designed to combat and reduce spam for your domain. The SPF records helps mail servers identify unauthorized use of your domain in the form of forgeries (spoofing). SPF records also help improve your email deliverability rate by preventing the email that you send from landing in a recipient’s spam or junk mail inbox.

Setting up an SPF Record

Hostname Time To Live (TTL) Record Type Destination
blank or @ lowest possible TXT v=spf1 include:emailsrvr.com ~all

Note: To have an SPF Record implemented, please contact your DNS hosting provider, and have them add the following TXT Records to your DNS.


Proper configuration of the DNS records listed in this article will improve the functionality of your email service and the experience of anyone sending or receiving email through your domain.

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