Detailed Permissions Matrix for Cloud Monitoring

The following permissions matrix displays specific permissions for the roles in Cloud Monitoring. The matrix displays the method names, their corresponding RESTful API commands, and the roles that are supported.  

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Cloud Monitoring Terminology

As of October 8, 2013       

Method NameAPI ActionObserverCreatorAdmin 


Get Account GET/v1.0/account Returns account information.
Update Account PUT/v1.0/account   Updates properties on an account.
List Audits GET/v1.0/audits Lists audits for this account.
Get Limits GET/v1.0/limits Returns account resource limits.
Get Usage GET/v1.0/usage Retrieves usage information for a given period of time. Defaults to last seven days.


List Agents GET/v1.0/agents Lists all agents that have connected in the last 30 days.
Fetch Agent GET/v1.0/agents/:agentId Lists a single agent.
List Agent Connections GET/v1.0/agents/:agentId/connections Lists the connections for a single agent.
Fetch Agent Connection GET/v1.0/agents/:agentId/connections/:connId Lists a single connection.


Get Agent CPU Information GET/v1.0/agents/:agentId/host_info/cpus Gets information on the host's CPUs.
Get Agent Memory Information GET/v1.0/agents/:agentId/host_info/memory Gets information on the host's memory.
Get Agent Disk Information GET/v1.0/agents/:agentId/host_info/disks Gets information on the host's disks.
Get Agent Network Information GET/v1.0/agents/:agentId/host_info/network_interfaces Gets information on the host's network interfaces.
Get Agent Filesystem Information GET/v1.0/agents/:agentId/host_info/filesystems Gets information on the host's filesystems.
Get Agent Process Information GET/v1.0/agents/:agentId/host_info/processes Gets information on the host's processes.
Get Agent System Information GET/v1.0/agents/:agentId/host_info/system Gets system information for the host.
Get Logged-in User Information GET/agents/agentId/host_info/who Gets information on users who are logged into the host.
Get Agent CPU Information by Entity


Gets agent CPU information by entity. 
Get Agent Memory Information by Entity GET/v1.0/entities/:entityId/agent/host_info/memory Gets agent memory information by entity. 
Get Agent Disk Information by Entity GET/v1.0/entities/:entityId/agent/host_info/disks Gets agent disk information by entity.
Get Agent Filesystem Information by Entity GET/v1.0/entities/:entityId/agent/host_info/filesystems Gets agent filesystem information by entity. 
Get Agent Network Information by Entity GET/v1.0/entities/:entityId/agent/host_info/network_interfaces Gets agent network information by entity.
Get Agent Process Information by Entity GET/v1.0/entities/:entityId/agent/host_info/processes Gets agent process information by entity.
Get Agent System Information by Entity GET/v1.0/entities/:entityId/agent/host_info/system Gets agent system information by entity.


List Agent Check Targets GET/entities/entityId/agent/check_types/agentCheckType/targets  Enumerates the devices allowed for the specified agent check type on the server where the agent is installed.


List Agent Tokens GET/v1.0/agent_tokens   Lists the agent tokens.
Get Agent Token GET/v1.0/agent_tokens/:tokenId Gets information for a single agent token.
Update Agent Token PUT/v1.0/agent_tokens/:tokenId   Updates a token with the specified tokenId (label).
Delete Agent Token DELETE/v1.0/agent_tokens/:tokenId   Deletes the specified agent token from your account.
Create Agent Token POST/v1.0/agent_tokens Creates a new agent token.


List Monitoring Zones GET/v1.0/monitoring_zones Lists the monitoring zones.
Get Monitoring Zone GET/v1.0/monitoring_zones/:monitoringZoneId Gets information for a single monitoring zone.
Execute Traceroute POST/v1.0/monitoring_zones/:monitoringZoneId/traceroute Performs a traceroute from a collector in the specified monitoring zones.


List Alarm Changelogs GET/v1.0/changelogs/alarms Lists alarm changelogs for this account.


List Entities GET/v1.0/entities Lists the entities for this particular account.
Get Entity GET/v1.0/entities/:entityId Retrieves the current state of an entity.
Update Entity PUT/v1.0/entities/:entityId   Updates an entity specified by the entityId.
Delete Entity DELETE/v1.0/entities/:entityId   Deletes an entity from your account. Also deletes any checks and alarms defined for that entity.
Create Entity POST/v1.0/entities  Creates a new entity.


List Checks GET/v1.0/entities/:entityId/checks  Lists the checks associated with a given entityId.
Get Check GET/v1.0/entities/:entityId/checks/:checkId  Returns the specified check.
Update Check PUT/v1.0/entities/:entityId/checks/:checkId   Updates a check with the specified checkId.
Delete Check DELETE/v1.0/entities/:entityId/checks/:checkId   Deletes a check from your account.
Create Check POST/v1.0/entities/:entityId/checks  Creates a new check and associates it with an entity using the parameters listed in Attributes.
Test Existing Check POST/v1.0/entities/:entityId/checks/:checkId/test Tests a check inline.
Test New Check POST/v1.0/entities/:entityId/test-check Tests a check before creating it.


List Alarms GET/v1.0/entities/:entityId/alarms Lists the alarms on the specified entity.
Get Alarm GET/v1.0/entities/:entityId/alarms/:alarmId Gets information for a single alarm.
Update Alarm PUT/v1.0/entities/:entityId/alarms/:alarmId   Updates an alarm with the specified alarmId. Partial updates to an alarm are acceptable. You may specify only the parameters you would like to update.
Delete Alarm DELETE/v1.0/entities/:entityId/alarms/:alarmId   Deletes an alarm from your account.
Create Alarm POST/v1.0/entities/:entityId/alarms  Creates a new alarm for the specified entity. Specify the alarm's characteristics using a valid set of parameters from the table shown in the Attributes.
Test New Alarm POST/v1.0/entities/:entityId/test-alarm Tests runs an alarm. 


List Check IDs for Alarm GET/v1.0/entities/:entityId/alarms/:alarmId/notification_history List checks for which alarm notification history is available. 
List Alarm Notification History GET/v1.0/entities/:entityId/alarms/:alarmId/notification_history/:checkId Lists alarm notification history for a given entity, alarm and check.
Get Alarm Notification History GET/v1.0/entities/:entityId/alarms/:alarmId/notification_history/:checkId/:uuid Retrieves a single alarm notification history item. 


List Check Types GET/v1.0/check_types Lists all the available check types.
Get Check Type GET/v1.0/check_types/:checkTypeId Retrieves information for a single check type. 


List Notification Types GET/v1.0/notification_types Lists available notification types.


Get Notification Type GET/v1.0/notification_types/:notificationTypeId Gets information for a single notification type.
List Notifications GET/v1.0/notifications Lists the notifications for this particular account.
Get Notification GET/v1.0/notifications/:notificationId Gets information for a single notification.
Update Notification PUT/v1.0/notifications/:notificationId   Updates a notification with the specified notificationId.
Delete Notification DELETE/v1.0/notifications/:notificationId   Deletes a notification from your account.
Create Notification POST/v1.0/notifications  Creates a notification. 
Test Existing Notification POST/v1.0/notifications/:notificationId/test Tests an existing notification. 
Test New Notification POST/v1.0/test-notification Tests a notification. 


List Notification Plan GET/v1.0/notification_plans Lists the notification plans for this particular account. 
Get Notification Plan GET/v1.0/notification_plans/:notificationPlanId Gets information for a single notification plan.
Update Notification Plans PUT/v1.0/notification_plans/:notificationPlanId   Updates a notification plan with the specified notificationPlanId. Partial updates to a notification plan are acceptable. You may specify only the parameters you would like to update. 
Delete Notification Plan DELETE/v1.0/notification_plans/:notificationPlanId   Deletes a notification plan. 
Create Notification Plan POST/v1.0/notification_plans  Creates a notification plan. 


List Metrics GET/entities/entityId/checks/checkId/metrics Lists the metrics associated with the specified check.
Get Data Points for Plot


Queries for all data points of metricName between two points in time.


List Alarm Examples GET/v1.0/alarm_examples Returns a list of alarm examples. 
Get Alarm Example GET/v1.0/alarm_examples/:alarmExampleId Gets a specific alarm example. 
Bind Alarm Example POST/v1.0/alarm_examples/:alarmExampleId Evaluates a specific alarm example. 


List Overview GET/v1.0/views/overview Returns the overview view for this account.


Get Suppression GET/v1.0/suppressions/:suppressionId Gets details for a specific suppression.
List Suppressions GET/v1.0/suppressions Returns a list of suppressions.
Create Suppression POST/v1.0/suppressions   Creates a suppression.
Update Suppression PUT/v1.0/suppressions/:suppressionId   Updates a specific suppression.
Delete Suppression DELETE/v1.0/suppressions/:suppressionId   Deletes a specific suppression.


Cloud Monitoring Terminology


A monitoring daemon that resides on the server being monitored. The agent gathers metrics based on agent checks and pushes them to Cloud Monitoring.

Agent Token

An authentication token used to identify the agent when it communicates with Cloud Monitoring.


An alarm contains a set of rules that determine when a notification is triggered.


Checks explicitly specify how you want to monitor an entity.


An entity is a resource that you want to monitor. Some examples are a server, a website, or a service.


A notification is an informational message sent to one or more addresses when an alarm is triggered.


A type of web service API that uses Representational State Transfer. REST is the architectural style for hypermedia systems used for the World Wide Web.


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