Detailed Permissions Matrix for Cloud Images

The following permissions matrix displays specific permissions for the roles in Cloud Images. The matrix displays the method names, their corresponding RESTful API commands, and the roles that are supported.  

API Documentation

Cloud Images Terminology

As of January 20, 2014 

Method NameAPI CallObserverCreatorAdmin 

Image Operations

List All ImagesGET /v2/images

Lists public virtual machine (VM) images.    

Get an ImageGET /v2/images/{image_id}    

Gets the details for the specified image.    

Update an ImagePATCH /v2/images/{image_id}  

Updates the specified image.    


Delete an Image

DELETE /v2/images/{image_id}   


Deletes the specified image.    


Image Sharing Operations

Create Image Member

POST /v2/images/{image_id}/members 


Adds the specified tenant ID as an image member (user). 


List Image Members

GET /v2/images/{image_id}/members



Returns a collection of members (user) with whom the image has been shared. 


Show Image Member

GET /v2/images/{image_id}/members/{member_id}




Gets details for a specified image member.


Update Member StatusPUT /v2/images/{image_id}/members/{member_id}  

Sets the specified status for the specified member (user) of the specified image. 


Delete Image Member


DELETE /v2/images/{image_id}/members/{member_id}



Deletes the specified tenant ID from the member list of the specified image. 


Image Tag Operations

Add an Image TagPUT /v2/images/{image_id}/tags/{tag}     

Adds the specified tag to the specified image.    


Delete an Image TagDELETE /v2/images/{image_id}/tags/{tag}     

Deletes the specified tag from the specified image.    


Image Schema Operations

Get Images SchemaGET /v2/schemas/images 


Gets a json-schema document that represents an images entity, which is a container of image entities. 


Get Image SchemaGET /v2/schemas/image 

Gets a json-schema document that represents a single image entity. 


Get Image Members Schema GET /v2/schemas/members 

Gets a json-schema document that represents an image members entity. 


Get Task SchemaGET /v2/schemas/task  

Gets a json-schema document that represents a specified task entity. 


Get Tasks SchemaGET /v2/schemas/tasks  

Gets a json-schema document that represents a tasks entity. 


Image Task Operations

List TasksGET /v2/tasks  

Returns a collection of tasks.


Create a TaskPOST /v2/tasks  

Creates a task. 


Get a TaskGET /v2/tasks/{task_id}  

Gets the details for a specified task. 



Cloud Images Terminology


An image is represented by a JSON-encoded data structure (the image scheme) and its raw binary data (the image file). 

Image Member

A user who has been granted access to an image.

Image Schema   

A json document representing metadata about an image.    

Image Tag

An image tag is a string of characters used to identify a specific image.

JSON (Javascript Object Notation)

An open standard format that uses human-readable text to transmit data objects consisting of key:value pairs. 


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