Detailed Permissions Matrix for Cloud Big Data

The following permissions matrix displays specific permissions for the roles in Cloud Big Data v1. The matrix displays the method names, their corresponding RESTful API commands, and the roles that are supported.  

API Documentation

Cloud Big Data Terminology

As of February 4, 2014    

Method Name API Call Observer Creator Admin  


Get User Profile GET /profile  

Returns detailed profile information for the current user. 


Create a User Profile POST /profile  

Creates a profile or updates the information in an existing profile. 



Create a Cluster POST /clusters  

Creates a new cluster.


Delete a Cluster DELETE /clusters/{clusterId}    

Deletes a specified cluster.  


List Clusters GET /clusters

Lists all clusters for your account.  


Get Cluster Details GET /clusters/{clusterId}

Returns details for a specified cluster.  


Perform an Action on a Cluster POST /clusters/{clusterId}/action    

 Performs an actionon a specified cluster, such as resizing.



List Nodes in a cluster GET /clusters/{clusterId}/nodes

Lists all nodes for a specified cluster. 


Get Node Details GET /clusters/{clusterId}/nodes/{nodeId}  

Returns details for a specified node in a specified cluster.  



List Available Flavors  GET /flavors 

Lists all available flavors. 


Get Flavor Details  GET /flavors/{flavorId}     

Lists the details for the specified flavor. 


List Supported Cluster Types for a Flavor GET /flavors/{flavorid}/types    

Lists the supported cluster types for the specified flavor. 



List Cluster Types GET /types    

Returns a list of cluster types. 


Get Cluster Type Details  GET /types/{typeId}    

Returns details for the specified cluster type. 


List Supported Flavors for a Cluster Type GET /types/{typeid}/flavors    

Lists the supported flavors for the specified cluster type.



List Resource Limits for User GET /limits

Displays the resource limits for the user. 



Cloud Big Data Terminology


A group of servers (nodes). In Cloud Big Data, the servers are virtual.


In a network, a node is a connection point, either a redistribution point or an end point for data transmissions. In general, a node has programmed or engineered capability to recognize and process or forward transmissions to other nodes.

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