Detailed Permissions Matrix for Backup

The following permissions matrix displays specific permissions for the roles in Cloud Backup. The matrix displays the method names, their corresponding RESTful API commands, and the roles that are supported.  

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As of February 5, 2014     

Method Name API Action Observer Creator Admin  


Get Agent Details GET /agent/{machineAgentId}       Gets details about the machine and its agent.
Enable/Disable Agent POST /agent/enable       Enables/Disables an agent. Disabling an agent only stops it from making backups. The agent is not deleted and its data remains. Disabled agents may later be re-enabled.
Enable Volume Encryption POST /agent/encrypt     Enables volume encryption.
Delete Agent POST /agent/delete       Permanently and immediately deletes an agent and its backup data.
Migrate a Vault PUT /agent/migratevault       Migrate a backup vault from one machine agent to another. These two agents should be under the same user and their backups should not be encrypted.
Update Agent Backup Behavior POST agent/{machineAgentId}     Updates the backup data center and/or enables/disables ServiceNet for the Cloud Backup agent. If ServiceNet is enabled, Cloud Backup agent talks to Cloud Files over ServiceNet and does not incur any bandwidth charges.
Get Agent Details by Host Server ID GET /agent/server/{hostserverid}       Gets details about the machine and its agent using the host server ID.


Get All Agents for this User GET /user/agents  Retrieves information for all agents for the current user.
Wake Up Agents GET /user/wakeupagents  Wakes up the agent before doing any tasks. 


Create Backup Configuration  POST /backup-configuration        Creates a backup configuration for the authenticated user. Returns: details of a backup configuration.
Update Backup Configuration PUT /backup-configuration/{backupConfigurationId}        Updates a backup configuration that already exists.
Get Backup Configuration Details GET /backup-configuration/{backupConfigurationId}       Gets detailed information for a specified backup configuration.
Get All Backup Configurations for User GET /backup-configuration       Gets a list of all the backup configurations for the current user. 
Get All Backup Configurations for Agent  GET /backup-configuration/system/{machineAgentId}        Gets a list of backup configurations for the specified agent. 
Enable/Disable a Backup Configuration POST /backup-configuration/enable/{backupConfigurationId}       Enables/Disables a backup configuration. Disabling a backup configuration does not delete it nor its data. Disabled backup configurations may later be re-enabled.
Delete Backup Configuration DELETE /backup-configuration/{backupConfigurationId}        Deletes the specified backup configuration.


Start/Stop a Backup Manually  POST /backup/action-requested        Starts or stops a backup. Returns: Identifier of the instance of the backup.
Get Backup Details  GET /backup/{backupId}      Gets details about the specified backup. 
Get Completed Backups GET /backup/completed/{backupConfigurationId}        Gets the details for backups that can still be restored. Backups are returned only for the specified backup configuration.
Get Backup Report  GET/backup/report/{backupId}        Gets details about a completed backup. 


Creates a Restore Configuration PUT /restore    Creates a new restore configuration.
Update a Restore Configuration  POST /restore    Updates an existing restore configuration. 
Include/Exclude a File to a Restore Configuration PUT /restore/files    Creates a restore file associated with a restore configuration. 
List Included or Excluded Restore Configuration Files  GET /restore/files/{restoreId}   Lists the files that are included or excluded in a restore. 
Delete a Restore Configuration File DELETE /restore/files/{restoreFileID}        Deletes a restore configuration file. 


List Available Backups for Restore GET /backup/availableforrestore     Lists the backups that are eligible for restore. An eligible backup is one that has completed at least once, has not been deleted, and is not expired.
Start or Stop a Restore Manually POST /restore/action-requested        Manually starts or stops a restore.
Get Detailed Information About a Restore  GET /restore/{restoreId}      Gets details about a specified restore. 
Gets a Restore Report GET /restore/report/{restoreId}       Gets a report for a completed restore. 


Get Activity Feed for an Agent GET /system/activity/{agentId}     Lists all in-progress and completed activity for an agent. Activity types are Backup, Cleanup, and Restore.
Get Activity Feed For User GET /activity     Gets a listing of all activity completed or in progress for the user.


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