Common Windows Issues: IIS Downloads Are Slow or Disconnect

Note:  Rackspace no longer offers Cloud Servers with Windows 2003, but these instructions are here for legacy support purposes.


Problem:  In Windows 2003 R2, Internet Information Server (IIS) downloads are slow or disconnect during the download process.  

Cause:  The Windows Firewall does not have the IIS service published, even though port 80 is open (or port 443 for HTTPS traffic, or port 21 for FTP traffic).

Resolution:  You will need to publish the IIS service in the Windows Firewall.

  1. Click Start, Control Panel, Windows Firewall
  2. Click the Exceptions tab to ensure that port 80 (and 443 if you’re using HTTPS, and 21 if you’re using FTP) is in the list of open ports.
  3. Click the Advanced tab 
  4. Highlight the public adapter and click the Settings button
  5. Place a check in the box reading Web Server (HTTP) (and Secure Web Server (HTTPS) if you’re using SSL on your website, and FTP Server if you’re using IIS FTP services)
  6. Click OK all the way out of the Windows Firewall utility.

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