Cloud Storage App for Microsoft SharePoint: How to Set Up Credentials to Access Cloud Files

The first time that you access Rackspace Cloud Storage App for Microsoft SharePoint, and every time that you want to log back in after logging out, you are prompted to provide credentials for your Rackspace Cloud Files account. In order for the app to access your Cloud Files account, you must assign it some credentials and a metadata key that has access to Cloud Files. The metadata key is required to support the generation of temporary URLs. You can provide the credentials and metadata key in one of the following ways:

Create a new account

In the Create New Account form (shown in the following figure), provide credentials for a new user, and provide a metadata key. The app creates the user and sets the metadata key for your Cloud Files account. The user's credentials are saved and used to access Cloud Files.

The values that you specify at the top of the form (user name, password, and email address) are the attributes associated with the newly created user, and the metadata key is assigned to your Cloud Files account. The fields at the bottom of the form (in the dark gray box) are the credentials that the app uses to create the new user and set the metadata key. The app does not retain these credentials. They are typically the credentials that you use to log in to the Rackspace Cloud Control Panel.

Specify an existing user

If you already use other applications to connect to your Cloud Files account via the REST APIs, then you do not want to change your metadata key, and you might already have created an API-specific user for the other applications. In this scenario, provide credentials directly to the app.

At the top of the Create New Account form, click the Already have an account? link. In the Account Info form (shown in the following figure), specify the user name, password, and metadata key for the existing account. The app saves these credentials and uses them to access the Cloud Files APIs.

Where to go from here

After you set up the credentials, you can start using the app. The information in the next article, How to Access Cloud Files Containers, provides details on accessing files in the Cloud Storage app.

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