Cloud Storage App for Microsoft SharePoint: How to Add and Delete Files in a Container

Rackspace Storage App supports the dragging of files into containers. After you have navigated to a container inside the app, the page displays a drop zone into which you can drag files (as shown in the following figure). Any files that you drop into the drop zone are streamed to your Cloud Files account.

How to delete a file within a container

Within the Cloud Storage App for Microsoft SharePoint, you can delete a file from a container in the following ways:

  • Delete a single file by clicking the delete icon to the right of the file's name.
  • Delete multiple files at one time by selecting the cloud icon to the left of each file's name and then clicking Delete Selected. Rows that you select for deletion are highlighted with a dark gray background.

When you delete a file, it is permanently removed from the Cloud Files container.

Where to go from here

Cloud Storage App for Microsoft SharePoint enables you to generate temporary URLs for files and share the files with other people. Learn how to do this at How to Share a File with Another Person.

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