Cloud Storage App for Microsoft SharePoint: Accessing Cloud Files Containers

Rackspace Cloud Files enables you to log in to your Cloud Control Panel and create containers inside your Cloud Files account. When you create a container, you must choose a Rackspace data center to host your container — either Chicago (ORD) or Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW).

After you configure and launch Rackspace Cloud Storage App for Microsoft SharePoint, you access your Cloud Files containers by first selecting a data center.

Once a data center has been chosen, the app reaches out via API and gets a listing of the containers that are hosted within that data center, along with the number of files in each container and the approximate size.

After you select a data center, the app retrieves a list of the files within that container (as shown in the following figure). On this page, you can delete and share files, and add files to the selected container. At any time, you can use the back and forward buttons to navigate to other pages within the app.

Where to go from here

Now that you understand how to access a container inside the app, learn How to Add and Delete Files in a Container.

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