Cloud Sites outbound IP addresses

When you are using the Cloud Sites platform, a third-party vendor might require an outbound IP address in order to add your domain to their safe list. Because sites do not get a dedicated IP address by default, you must provide the vendor with a list of potential outbound IP addresses.

The outbound IP addresses that you provide depend on the data center in which your site resides. To determine which data center your site is in, view the test URL for the site in the Cloud Sites Control Panel (on the General Settings tab for the site).

  • DFW 1-1: - DFW 1-1
  • DFW 1-2: - DFW 1-2
  • - ORD 1-1

Use the following outbound IP addresses that correspond to the data center.

DFW3-1 outbound IP addresses

  • ( -

DFW3-2 outbound IP addresses

  • ( -

​ORD 1-1 outbound IP addresses

  • ( - |

ServiceNet outbound IP addresses

  • ( - 



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