Cloud Server Maintenance and Upgrade Steps for Migration

We routinely perform maintenance on the infrastructure running the Rackspace Cloud. The majority of maintenance is performed transparently, but some maintenance requires a reboot of customer server instances. We try to provide flexibility and options for customers so that the timing of maintenance fits with their business procedures and objectives.

The self-initiated automated migration process described in this article is one way that customers can minimize the impact of maintenance. We expect customers to use this process in the following likely scenarios:

  • To control when maintenance occurs to match the least busy time of the week for your business
  • To perform the maintenance of any critical redundant systems piece by piece to avoid application downtime
  • To test this maintenance on a small number of instances before rolling it out to the bulk of your servers
  • To take preparatory steps to mitigate the duration of the migration and any potential downtime

When migration is necessary because of maintenance, you will receive notice from Rackspace that we have enabled your account for self-initiated automated migrations. After we enable the process for your account, you can complete the process through either the API or the Cloud Control Panel. Instructions for the control panel follow.

Complete required maintenance by performing a soft reboot of your server

  1. Log in to the Cloud Control Panel.

    The Cloud Servers list is displayed by default.

  2. Click the action gear next to the server that you want to reboot, and select Reboot.

  3. Select the Soft Reboot option.

  4. Click Reboot Server.

You can now monitor the status of your maintenance through the Cloud Control Panel by watching the server list. The following statuses will be shown:

  • Queued for move
  • Preparing to Move
  • Moving
  • Active

These background processes cause a delay between the moment when you click the Reboot Server button and when your server actually reboots. The delay varies in duration depending on the size of your server and the time of day when you start the reboot, so be prepared for the reboot to happen up to 30 minutes after you click Reboot Server.

After your maintenance is successfully completed, you will receive an email telling you that the process has been completed.

If you have additional questions or have issues with the process, contact our Support teams via chat or phone, or by opening a ticket.

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