Cloud Office Control Panel

The Cloud Office Control Panel is an easy-to-use, unified tool that you can use to easily manage your mailboxes, applications, and Cloud Office account.

  • Account administration - You can modify contact or billing information, view invoices, set up auto-renewal, add and remove services.
  • Domain management - Easily manage self-service migration, DNS settings, spam filtering rules, access rights, disclaimers, and archiving.

Cloud Office management - Manage Rackspace Email and Microsoft Exchange settings:

Cloud Office Control Panel features

 Fanatical Support

Fanatical Support®

Administrators can access live chat and ticket support 24x7x365. Easily access the support site for step-by-step guides.
 Easy to Learn

Easy to learn

An intuitive interface puts the tools you need at your fingertips. Get tasks done quickly with multiple navigation options and clearly labeled buttons and links.


You have control of everything. Manage your account, mailboxes, DNS, spam filtering, upgrades, downgrades, even cancellation.


Log in through an SSL protected site. Manage administrators, set their permissions, and monitor their activity. You can assign passwords and temporarily disable administrators and users.


Access everything in one place—all of your apps, domain and account settings, and support options.
 Information Management

Information management

View and export account invoices, domain details, and email statistics at any time.
`System Status

System status

Keep up-to-date with regular status announcements on the Control Panel home page. Update, maintenance, and outage reports are posted promptly so you have all the details.

API integration

Integrate our services into your workflow with our REST API. You'll have programmatic access to manage administrative users, Rackspace Email and Microsoft Exchange mailboxes, spam settings, and single-sign-on capabilities.

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