Cloud Hosting vs Shared Hosting vs VPS

 Cloud Hosting
 Like sharing your apartment with roommates. Everyone has access to the same resources, but you cannot customize shared space to suit your taste.Like having your own apartment all to yourself. You can customize everything to suit your taste.Like having your own apartment in a five star hotel without a lease. You can have as many rooms as you like and can leave anytime you want.
Shared hardware withHundreds of customers on one serverTens of customers on one serverThousands of customers on thousands of server clusters
Instant provisioning
Easy scaling
Ideal for unpredictable traffic
No contract
Pay as you go
High availability
100% power uptime guarantee
100% network uptime guarantee
FREE migrations
Hybrid ready (Dedicated + Cloud)
Dedicated IP address included
SSL support included
API access
Full admin access
Ability to add custom modules for PHP
Ability to install third party apps
Full log access
Access to OS services
Can provide user access to your client
No restrictions on application installed
Highly configurable
High performance for high traffic sites
Create scheduled backups
Dedicated server resources (CPU, Memory)
Can bill your client
Custom security measures (as multiple users have the ability to upload and download files which can be run under the same OS instance which supports other users' accounts)



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