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Cloud Databases: How To Articles & Other Resources

Rackspace Cloud Databases: Developer Resources


Documentation & Bindings

·         API Developer Guide

·         Getting Started Guide

·         Release Notes

·         Ruby Binding


Popular How To Articles from the Rackspace Knowledge Center

The Rackspace Knowledge Center houses “how-to” articles, getting started guides, code samples, security best practices and hundreds of tips for getting the most out of your Rackspace Cloud Databases.  Check out these popular articles:

·         Rackspace Cloud Databases FAQs

·         Rackspace Cloud Databases Introduction Video

·         Rackspace Cloud Databases: Public Vs. Private Access

·         Rackspace Cloud Databases: Connecting to Your Database

·         Rackspace Cloud Databases: Importing Data

·         Rackspace Cloud Databases: Exporting Data

·         Rackspace Cloud Databases: Managing Users

·         Rackspace Cloud Databases: Creating an Instance


Popular Technical Articles and Other Resources

·         Rackspace Cloud Databases vs. Amazon RDS: Performance Matters

·         Rackspace Cloud Databases Private Beta: New Features and Global Availability

·         Announcing Rackspace MySQL Cloud Database Private Beta

·         Using Cloud Databases in the Cloud Control Panel

·         Rackspace Cloud Databases and Container-based Virtualization Whitepaper


Learn About the OpenStack Database-as-a-Service Red Dwarf Project

Rackspace Cloud Databases is powered by the OpenStack Database-as-a-Service “Red Dwarf” project.  If you want to build your own OpenStack Database-as-a-Service “Red Dwarf” solution or dig into the details of the OpenStack project that powers Rackspace Cloud Databases, check out:

o   Wiki:  http://wiki.openstack.org/DatabaseAsAService

o   Project Pages: https://launchpad.net/reddwarf

o   Drivers: https://launchpad.net/~reddwarf-drivers

o   Blueprint: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/openstack-devel/+spec/openstack-dbaas

o   Code: https://github.com/rackspace/reddwarf

o   Test and Deployment Images:

§  http://c629296.r96.cf2.rackcdn.com/ubuntu-10.04-x86_64-openvz.tar.gz

§   http://c629296.r96.cf2.rackcdn.com/lucid_ext3_openvz.box



·         Cloud Databases: Avoiding Lock-In With The Open Cloud

·         Cloud Databases: Addressing The Multi-Tenant Problem (Coming Soon!)

·         Cloud Databases: Intro To Container Based Virtualization

·      Cloud Databases: Reliability


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