Changing the amount of storage space for email accounts

Note: This article refers to a feature that is no longer available for Cloud Sites. It is provided for legacy support only.

Every Cloud Sites account provides access to an unlimited number of mailboxes per domain at no additional charge. Each mailbox can have up to 1 GB of storage space.

If you require mailboxes larger than 1 GB, or you are looking for a more feature-rich email experience, we recommend upgrading to Rackspace Email.

Migrating your mail to Rackspace Email is an easy transition, and you will not lose your mailboxes or messages. Following are some benefits of using Rackspace Email:

  • 25 GB mailboxes
  • Manage your email accounts from an advanced control panel
  • 50 MB attachment limit
  • Automatic setup tool for email clients

For more information, including pricing, see

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