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Adding an Administrator (Email & Apps)

The following article will demonstrate how to add an Administrator through your Email & Apps control panel. An email Administrator can be beneficial to helping end users get support, add mailboxes, unlock accounts, etc. You can also set limitations for administrators to only see certain information. Let's take a look at the following steps below:

1. First thing we'll do is log into the Email & Apps control panel at https://cp.rackspace.com/. Once you're logged in, select Manage Administrators on the right hand side.

2. In the next screen, select Add Administrator at the top.

3. Enter in the following information for Admin Settings:

  • Admin ID - Enter a unique name for the account. If the Admin ID you enter is used elsewhere on the email hosting system, you will be prompted to enter a new Admin ID.
  • Type - Select the level of security for the administrator:

Super - Allows full access to the control panel, and includes the ability to create and manage administrator accounts.

Standard - Allows full access to the control panel, but restricts the administrator from certain areas of the My Account section of the control panel. Specifically, the standard admin cannot access: General InformationContacts,Invoice HistoryView Current Admins, and Add Administrator. They can, however, access: Administrator Activity and all Support resources.

Limited - Allows access to only the control panel areas you specify. (You can select the specific areas at the bottom of the page after selecting Limited.)

  • Password - Enter a password for this administrator account.
  • Confirm - Retype the password.


4. Enter in the following information for Addional Information:

  • First Name - Enter in the administrator’s first name.
  • Last Name - Enter in the administrator’s last name.
  • Email - Enter in the administrator's email address.


5. Enter in the following information for Security:

  • Security Question - Enter a security question.
  • Security Answer - Enter in the answer to the security question.


6. Enter in the following information for Options:

  • Password never expires - this will aloow the password to never expire.
  • Password expires in ___ days - this will aloow the password to expire after a certain amount of days.
  • Allow simultaneous logins using this Administrative ID - this option will allow administrators to be logged in at the  same time.
  • Login restricted to IP address(es) - this features will only allow access from certain IP's such as the office or home network

Note: If you've selected "Limited" for your newly created admin, perform the following below:

Select the check box for each area that this limited administrator should have access to. By default, limited administrators have access to all domains in the account. To specify which domains the administrator can access, select the Domain Accesstab. Use the Filter and Search tools to locate the domains associated with the account. In the Current Domains box, select the domain(s) you want to allow the administrator to access, and then click the Add button. To select multiple domains, hold the Ctrl key as you click each domain. To remove a domain from the Access-Allowed box, click the domain and then select the Remove button.

7. Once you've finished filling out all the information, select the Save button and you're finished. Email your newly created Admin with the credentials to login.

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