Add Domain Alias

Add domain aliases for your domain or, if you are a reseller, for your customers.

Resellers can create domain aliases for their customers. If you are a direct customer, however, and you want to create a domain alias, please contact our support team.

About Domain Aliases and Accepted Domains

You may want to create a domain alias if, for example, your company owns several domains (e.g.,,,, and you want to direct all incoming email to the company’s primary domain. For example, let’s say the primary domain for your company is "," but you also purchased "" and "" If you assign "" and "" as domain aliases, email that is sent to mailboxes at "" and "" will be automatically redirected to a mailbox on the primary domain, "".

There is a difference, however, in terminology ("Domain Alias" versus "Accepted Domain") and functionality (i.e., how the email is redirected), depending on the type of email hosting service you are using:

  • Domain Alias—If you are a Rackspace Email customer, you will be creating a "domain alias." Email sent to the domain alias will be automatically directed to the corresponding mailbox in the original domain. For example, if "" is a domain alias for "," and someone sends an email to "," that email will be automatically redirected to ""
  • Accepted Domain—If you are an Exchange customer, you will be creating an "accepted domain." Email sent to the accepted domain can be automatically directed to any mailbox you specify. To specify which mailbox(es) should receive email from an accepted domain’s email address, please see the help topic, " Add an Address."

To add a domain alias or accepted domain, perform the following steps:

  1. Mouse over the Go to section drop-down menu and select Domains.
    Domains link highlighted.
  2. In the Manage section, click the Domain Aliases link.
    Domain aliases link highlighted.
  3. If you have multiple domains, select the appropriate domain name. Or, to change domains, click the change domain link.
  4. Click the Add Alias button.
  5. In the Alternate Domain box, enter the full domain name (e.g., you want to assign as a domain alias or accepted domain.
  6. In the Alternate Domain Type area, select Domain Alias or Accepted Domain. To learn more, please see the explanation at the top of this page.
  7. If you selected the Exchange option, Accepted Domain, select the Create alternate addresses for existing recipients check box to automatically generate the new domain addresses for your current Exchange mailboxes.
  8. Click the Save button.

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