Add an Activesync or BES license

To set up your Microsoft Exchange email account on your mobile device, you need to add an ActiveSync or BlackBerry Enterprise Service (BES) license through the Cloud Office Control Panel. Perform the steps in this article to add a ActiveSync or BES license.

Note: The Cloud Office Control Panel that you access depends on the region in which the service was started.

  • International and MyRackspace Cloud Office customers, use and navigate to Products > Cloud Office > Open Mail Control Panel.
  1. Log in to your control panel and select Microsoft Exchange from the Go to section menu.

  2. In the Exchange Email Accounts section, select Mobile Messaging under Other Servcices.

  3. Select View Users for either Blackberry or Activesync (iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile), depending on your device, and then click Add.

  4. Select the user to whom you are assigning the license.
    • If you're adding a BES license, select the user to whom you are assigning the license from the Select User window, provide a 4 digit activation pin under Activation Password and click Save.

    • If you're adding an Activesync license, select the user to whom you are assigning the license from the Eligible Users From This Domain window, click Add in the middle and then click Save.

Note: Once you've assigned your licenses, please allow 10 minutes for them to fully propagate.

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