Accessing RackConnect Cloud Servers

There are several methods to access your RackConnect Cloud Servers. Following, is an overview of these methods.

Direct access to RackConnect Cloud Servers via public IP address

If the automation feature Provision public IP address is enabled, RackConnect automatically assigns a new public IP address from one of your Dedicated IP blocks to each of your Cloud Servers and adds the appropriate translation (NAT) to your Edge Network Device. After the IP address is assigned, you can view it by querying the Cloud Servers API or looking up the Cloud Server in the MyRackspace Portal. 

The following screenshot shows the IP address information of a RackConnect Cloud Server in the RackConnect Management Interface section of the MyRackspace Portal.

Note: Disregard the initial public IP address assigned to your Cloud Server when it was built.  When the RackConnect automation completes, that initial public IP address is no longer used.

You must explicitly create one or more network policies to allow direct access to your RackConnect Cloud Servers from the Internet via their Public IP address. By default, network policies do not allow inbound access from the Internet to your Cloud Servers, even if you applied the Basic Access Network Policy Template. (The one exception to this would be any existing rules on the outside/external access list of your Edge Network Device that allow requests destined for any public IP address through any ports or protocols).


Alternative Methods of Connecting to Your RackConnect Cloud Servers

Other than the direct access method detailed in the preceding section, following are some alternative methods of connecting to your RackConnect Cloud Servers:

  • Connect from one of your Dedicated Servers to your RackConnected Cloud Server using the Private IP address of the Cloud Server.  This method requires that you have an appropriate “Dedicated to Cloud Server(s)” network policy deployed.
  • You can connect to the console of next generation Cloud Servers from within the Control Panel.
  • If you are using a Cisco ASA as your RackConnect Edge Network Device, you can work with the Network Security Team to implement either a site-to-site VPN or client VPN solution to allow direct access to your Cloud Servers via their private IP addresses.  This option also requires that you have an appropriate “Dedicated to Cloud Server(s)” network policy deployed to allow your VPN network to access your Cloud Servers.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When connecting between your Cloud and Dedicated environments with RackConnect, you should always use the private IP addresses of your Dedicated and Cloud Servers.

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