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About Rackspace Private Cloud

This document describes the Rackspace Private Cloud configuration and support offerings.

What is Rackspace Private Cloud?
The Rackspace Private Cloud Configuration
Supported OpenStack Features
Unsupported OpenStack Features
Rackspace Private Cloud Support

What is Rackspace Private Cloud?

Rackspace offers a tool set that enables users to quickly deploy a private cloud OpenStack cluster configured according to the recommendations of Rackspace OpenStack specialists.

Previous versions of Rackspace Private Cloud were packaged in an ISO that contained a full Ubuntu OS and a Chef server running on a virtual machine. Although the ISO was a convenient and simple package, it did not allow large deployments. The user also had no choice of host operating system and Chef server running on a virtual machine was resource-intensive.

Rackspace Private Cloud v4.0.0 and later can now be deployed with a Chef-based approach that enables users to create an OpenStack cluster on Ubuntu, CentOS, or Red Hat Enterprise Linux. This version uses installation scripts, which creates a more traditional application experience for the Linux system administrator. It also offers a framework that is capable of being updated without downloading and deploying a whole new ISO.

The Rackspace Private Cloud Configuration

The following table lists the OpenStack versions and components supported by the current releases of Rackspace Private Cloud.


  v4.1.3 v4.2.1
OpenStack Grizzly X  
OpenStack Havana   X
Compute (Nova) X X
Image Service (Glance) X X
Dashboard (Horizon) X X
Identity (Keystone) X X
Virtual Network (Neutron) X X
Metering (Ceilometer)   X
Orchestration (Heat)   X*


*OpenStack Orchestration (Heat) is available as a technology preview feature.

Object Storage (Swift) is available in the Rackspace Private Cloud Object Storage offering.

The following diagram shows a typical Rackspace Private Cloud Mass Compute reference architecture in which instances reside directly on the Compute nodes.

More information about Rackspace Private Cloud reference architectures can be found on the Common Rackspace Private Cloud reference architectures page.

Supported OpenStack Features

Rackspace supports features such as floating IP address management, security groups, availability zones, and the python command line clients. The following OpenStack features and configurations are supported:

  • Single and dual NIC configurations
  • NFS and iSCSI file storage as backing stores for VM storage
  • VNC Proxy
  • KVM hypervisor
  • Nova Multi Scheduler instead of Filter Schedule
  • Keystone integrated authentication
  • Glance integrated image service
  • Horizon dashboard
  • Linux and Windows guests to the extent to which they accept handoff from KVM and boot
  • Single metadata server running on each device
  • Cloud management through OpenStack APIs
  • High availability for all Nova service components and APIs, Cinder, and Keystone, as well as the scheduler, rabbitmq, and mysql.
  • Cinder block storage service, documented in Rackspace Private Cloud: OpenStack Block Storage
  • Swift object storage service, available as the Rackspace Private Cloud Object Storage offering.

Rackspace Private Cloud also supports the use of Rackspace Cloud Files as a backend for OpenStack Image Storage.

Unsupported OpenStack Features

The following features are not supported:

  • Nova object store
  • Nova volumes
  • Clustered file system solutions
  • Xen and other hypervisors
  • Centralized metadata servers
  • Any other OpenStack project, extension, or configuration not explicitly listed as a supported feature or installed component.

Rackspace Private Cloud is an evolving product and will continue to be developed and enhanced.

Rackspace Private Cloud Support

Rackspace Private Cloud is offered as a "do it yourself" package, at no charge. You can also access the Rackspace Private Cloud Support Forum, at the following URL:


The forum is open to all Rackspace Private Cloud users and is moderated and maintained by Rackspace personnel and OpenStack specialists.

Rackspace offers 365x24x7 support for Rackspace Private Cloud. If you are interested in purchasing Rackspace Private Cloud Escalation Support or Core Support, or you plan to install on more than 20 nodes, send an email to .

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