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MongoDB in the Cloud

We’re excited to introduce you to ObjectRocket—the highly available, horizontally scalable, and consistently fast MongoDB service, and newest member of the Rackspace family.

With ObjectRocket, you can:

  • Simplify provisioning: ObjectRocket provisions all the mongos servers, mongod servers, config servers, arbiters, and load balancing, including API access, SSL termination, and backups. Each instance has a fully redundant replica set, and a single shard to start. Adding more shards is as simple as a single click.
  • Deliver a fast and reliable app: The complete stack has been optimized specifically for MongoDB apps. The network stack, file system, OS kernel, and other resources have been configured to make MongoDB as fast as possible. All data is stored on redundant, blazing-fast solid-state drives (SSD).
  • Scale easily: All you have to do is to choose an appropriately distributed shard key. ObjectRocket’s RocketScale™ technology will automatically add shards as space is consumed (unless you prefer to add them yourself).
  • Automate administration: ObjectRocket implements a rich set of tools and APIs specifically to save you time, ensure uptime, and make administration tasks easy. For example, QueryGuard allows you to create rules for protecting against long-running queries, and the RocketScale agent transparently adds shards as needed. ObjectRocket monitors all instances for connections, lag, locks, status of replicas, size, and number of queries, just to name a few things.

The result is industrial-strength MongoDB that delivers performance and scalability for complex database architectures in the cloud.

Building ObjectRocket

Meet the team behind ObjectRocket, hear their story, and learn why they chose to build on open source technologies.

ObjectRocket will be available in early March out of Rackspace’s ORD data center.

In the meantime, go ahead and give it a try. You can now provision a highly available, sharded and fully redundant MongoDB environment in seconds.

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