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Rackspace is joining forces with Akamai—the leader in web acceleration technology—to deliver top performance and availability for our customers' websites, web content, and web applications. Akamai technology, when plugged into the Rackspace global network, gets your websites and apps close to the end user, resulting in faster delivery.


This partnership provides customers with an integrated hosting-plus-acceleration offering, with consolidated billing, consolidated accountability, and less complexity than dealing with multiple service providers. And, of course, Rackspace's award-winning Fanatical Support® is always included.

With Rackspace and Akamai, customers will enjoy:

  • Improved Application Performance - Akamai technology provides as much as 200% - 500% end-user performance improvement, while Rackspace provides access to experts like our Web Scale Engineers to help optimize sites and applications. Together, these benefits can drive increased revenue, improved user experience, higher productivity, and greater ROI.

  • Ensured Application Availability - Today's business reality has global users running your applications around the clock. Internet interruptions can cripple your operations. Rackspace can help you achieve geographic redundancy to help mitigate these outages at a fraction of the cost of building out a new data center. Akamai complements this redundancy by intelligently routing around Internet outages and redirecting traffic to alternate infrastructure when necessary. During past internet failures, including cable cuts and earthquakes, while others had limited or no access to their business critical applications, websites, and portals for days, Akamai customers had full availability at high performance speeds. Rackspace & Akamai together help to ensure that end users can connect to your SaaS solution, website, or business application anywhere, anytime.

  • Reduced Support Costs - Poorly performing or unavailable applications generate high call center support volume. Akamai can help reduce this performance-related call volume by 36% - 95% with improved user experience, while Rackspace provides the infrastructure SLAs you need to help you avoid the need for additional customer care headcount.

  • Enhanced Security - With the addition of Akamai technology, you can further complement a secure environment at Rackspace by securing your customer data all the way to the edge of the network. This reduces or eliminates many of the risks of stolen credit card and other data by adding a security perimeter in the cloud without additional complexity.

  • Pay as You Grow - Rackspace and Akamai together provide a scalable solution that allows enterprises to grow as their business dictates without incurring a large startup cost. By converting Capital Expenditures to Operational Expenditures, you can truly meet your business' technology needs as they arise without over-investing in costly hardware or software.