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Scalable hosting for Sitecore Customer Engagement

Maximize your investment in Sitecore Customer Engagement Platform (CEP) with a hosting platform that's optimized to support the technology. Our engineers will help you with every step of implementation and deployment, so you can go to market faster.

What you'll get:

  • Easily provision cloud resources for Sitecore modules in minutes
  • Ideal cloud environments for test, development, and proof-of-concept scenarios
  • Ongoing, proactive planning and guidance from Rackspace engineers with deep web content management systems (WCMS) expertise
  • 24x7x365 support for your deployment
  • Deploy user-acceptance testing, staging, and production environments with confidence
  • Isolate Sitecore workloads to dedicated hardware or cloud resources to improve performance
  • Expand infrastructure as needed during peak periods
  • Operating system patching, upgrades, and scheduled maintenance
  • Extensive Sitecore application and infrastructure-level support
  • Add Critical Application Services to production environments and qualify for our 100% Production Platform Uptime Guarantee

Common reference architectures for Sitecore

  • Primary
  • Professional
  • Enterprise

Configuration notes:

  • Best for small teams, proof-of-concept, or test/development scenarios
  • Deployed entirely in the public cloud or on dedicated infrastructure

Configuration notes:

  • Best for small-to-medium sized production environments
  • Isolate web, SQL database, and content servers to increase performance
  • Take advantage of Rackspace Shared SAN for flexibility

Configuration notes:

  • Best for large or multi-geography deployments
  • Distribute workloads across public cloud or dedicated resources to maximize efficiency
  • Use Dedicated NAS for increased storage performance
  • Mix and match public cloud and dedicated resources to optimize efficiency in your environment

Sitecore has built its foundation on providing partners and customers with the best Web CMS platform, so it’s a natural extension to partner with Rackspace for its unmatched service and reliable hosting solutions.

— Darren Guarnaccia, EVP Strategy & Corporate Development, Sitecore

Make the most of your Sitecore CEP investment.

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