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Focus on your app

Let us help manage your infrastructure so you can focus on what’s important. We can help customize your app's best-fit hybrid cloud, combining dedicated hardware, virtual servers, private cloud, and our high-performance public cloud. We also offer Fanatical Support®, plus services to help you migrate, architect, build, and manage your environment. Your OS comes installed, and you can even get software tools for building mobile apps.

Stay lean

Stay lean

Building an application is complex. Don’t let mundane but essential details like patching software or upgrading hardware distract you. Learn about common use cases we can help with.

Pay as you grow

Pay as you grow

With our portfolio of hosting options, you can start small, with a pay-as-you-go test environment. Then move into production when you’re ready, and expand as you need to. View common reference architectures.

Always local

Always local

We've got a network of 9 data centers around the world-plus an even larger network of data center partners. Rackspace, and your infrastructure, are never far from you and your customers.

SaaS Hosting

We can help you deploy Software-as-a-Service apps

Every SaaS application needs an infrastructure. We offer compute, storage, networking, and more, backed by Fanatical Support. Let us handle your hosting needs so you can focus on developing your app.

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Rackspace can help you manage IT across your entire business. Learn about our hosting solutions: