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Permissions Matrix for Cloud Queues

The following permissions matrix displays specific permissions for the roles in Cloud Queues. The matrix displays the method names, their corresponding RESTful API commands, and the roles that are supported. API Documentation Related Knowledge Center Ar ...

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Cloud Queues cURL Cookbook

What are Cloud Queues? Cloud Queues are an open source message queue implementation that utilizes a RESTful HTTP interface to provide an asynchronous communications protocol which is one of the main requirements in todays scalable applications. Using a qu ...

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Tips for Monitoring Your Queues in Cloud Queues

Note: Be sure to set up your authentication token before completing the terminal steps for creating your cloud queue. The steps in this process will return queue statistics, including the number of messages that exist in the queue. These are broken out by ...

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Creating Cloud Queues

Creating a Cloud Queue can be accomplished through the Control Panel or through your terminal. After creating the Queue, you can use the Control Panel for viewing Queue details or deleting the Queue as needed. All other Queue commands will be completed ...

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Listing Cloud Queues

You have 2 options on listing your Cloud Queues. You can use the Control Panel or generate the list through your terminal. In the Control Panel In the Control Panel, click the Queues tab. You will see you Cloud Queues listed under Cloud Queues in the res ...

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Cloud Queues Overview

Product Overview Cloud Queues is an open-source messaging system, designed to help customers build and scale distributed applications in the cloud. The Cloud Queues API is built to be flexible, supporting a variety of messaging patterns like producer-con ...

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Rackspace Cloud Billing FAQ

How am I billed for Rackspace services? How can I estimate my monthly bill? Why am I still being billed? I never used the services. I don't agree with my bill. How can I view usage? I don't agree with my bill. How can I get a credit? I am still getting ...