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Install And Use Drupal on Cloud Sites

to the website hyperlink on which Drupal is to be installed. NOTE: The domain must have php enabled, ...

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How do I optimize my website on Cloud Sites?

How to Optimize Drupal How Do I Optimize Gallery 2 WordPress 3.01 + CDN Tools 1.0 Plugin Using ...

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Handling High Traffic Events on Cloud Sites

commercial, open source, etc.) CMS, if applicable (Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, etc.) Any third-party calls from ...

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Getting started with Google Analytics™ web analytics service

WordPress Google Analyticator Google Analytics Modules: Joomla! Drupal urchin google analytics performance stats measurement joomla drupal wordpress Cloud Sites Web Technologies Monitoring and Troubleshooting ...

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PHP 5.4 Now Available in Cloud Sites

applications or CMS solutions (Wordpress, Drupal, etc) are running the latest PHP 5.4-compatible version prior ...

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Cloud Sites Technology Option Changes

you are currently running a PHP based blog on your IIS based website (Drupal, Magento, etc) within ...

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Recovering From And Dealing With A Site Compromise

Drupal, Movable Type, TypePad, Wordsmith, DotNetNuke, PHP Nuke, etc.--keep up to date on patches/updates. ...

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