What is Rackspace Cloud Backup?

Rackspace Cloud Backup is a service that allows you to select and backup specific files and folders from your Cloud Server. You can schedule any number of Backup jobs, and restore to the same system or a different one, giving you the flexibility and power to work with your schedule and your data.

Some key features are

  • Select the files and folders from your Cloud Server you want to back up
  • Run your backups manually or on a schedule that works for you
  • See the activity from all your backups, both current and previous
  • Use AES-256 encryption with a private encryption key known only to you
  • Restore individual files and folders from a particular date
  • Save space with incremental backups that only save the changed portions of files
  • Create unlimited Backups

For information on getting started with Cloud Backup, see our Getting Started Guide.

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