Why Can't I Download Files In Internet Explorer?


If you have just created a new Windows Cloud Server but are having problems trying to download files from your server, then you are in the right place! This article will show you how to enable file downloads in Internet Explorer (IE).

Microsoft has disabled file downloads in IE by default as part of their default security policy. This means that you will either have to download the file locally and transfer it to the server via FTP or you can simply allow file downloads in IE. Here is the process:


 Windows 2008 with IE 8:



1. Open Internet Explorer and click tools


Click Internet Options


Click on the Security tab


2. Click on Custom Level


3. Scroll to Downloads


4. Select Enable and then click OK


5. Click Yes


6. Then click OK > Apply > OK


Now you will be prompted for file downloads like normal.



Windows 2003 with IE 6:



Note:  Rackspace no longer offers Cloud Servers with Windows 2003, but these instructions are here for legacy support purposes.



1. Open Internet Explorer and click tools


2. Click Internet Options


3. Click on the Security tab


4. Click on Custom Level


5. Scroll to Downloads


6. Select Enable and then click OK


7. Click Yes


8. Then click OK > Apply > OK

Now you will be prompted for file downloads in IE.



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