Vyatta network appliance: Supported actions through the Cloud Control Panel

This article will explain some limitations in using the Cloud control panel to perform actions on the Vyatta Network appliance. Currently, configuration of the Vyatta Network appliance via the control panel is not supported.


Cloud Control Panel "Actions" on the Vyatta Network Appliance

You can login to the Cloud Control Panel (mycloud.rackspace.com) and spin up the Vyatta Network appliance.

After the appliance is provisioned, you will see the appliance in the server list. Clicking on the name of the appliance takes you to the server details page. There you will be able to click the "Actions" button which shows you a list of the available actions on the Vyatta. However, some of these actions will lead to unexpected results and should be avoided. This article will show you which of the 'Actions' are functional and point out the ones you should avoid.


Servers page



Server details page


Table of Actions


Action Cloud Control Panel Notes

Add Network /

Disconnect network

Does not work Do not try attaching/detaching networks from a Vyatta or the networking on the Vyatta will break
Tag Server Works  
Create Image Works Interface configuration should be deleted from /config/config.boot in order to have correct interface numbering and configuration in servers built using this image.
Create Check (monitoring) Works  
Rebuild from Image Works  
Enter Rescue Mode Works  
Connect Via Terminal Works  
Reboot Server Does not work. Both soft and hard reboot fail. Server remains active. Can use "reboot" and "poweroff" within Vyatta using the CLI.
Resize Server Partially works Only works going to a larger size instance. Selecting a smaller size puts the VM into error state but it continues to function. Not available for General Purpose Cloud Servers.
Change Password Works Note that this changes password for the "vyatta" user and not for "root"
Delete Server Works  

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