Troubleshooting the Cloud Monitoring Agent

Issue: The Agent is not installed on my server.

Log onto your Cloud Server as root and install the agent. See Install and configure the Cloud Monitoring Agent for installation instructions.

Issue: The Monitoring Agent is installed, but doesn't appear to be connected to my server.

For the agent to work properly, it must be associated with your server using a Cloud Monitoring entity. The entity is simply a representation of your server in the monitoring system.

Verify the agent is associated with your server by performing these steps:

  1. Check that /etc/rackspace-monitoring-agent.cfg exists and contains a valid agent token and id.

  2. Check for errors and status information in /var/log/rackspace-monitoring-agent.log.

  3. Check that port 443 is open (added as a public firewall rule); the agent sends all its traffic over 443 so it is treated like HTTPS.

  4. Run the following command to verify the agent is running:

$ ps aux | grep rackspace-monitoring-agent

Related Information

If you need more information about the Cloud Monitoring agent, see About the Cloud Monitoring Agent

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