SendGrid Bronze for Rackspace

Don't Let Spam Filters Ruin Your Bottom Line.

Your message is important. And if it doesn't get to your prospects' and customers' inboxes, the impact on your bottom line can be devastating. That's why SendGrid has developed a cloud-based SMTP email service—to allow businesses to turn their focus back to delivering revenue—not emails.

As a Rackspace® Hosting customer*, you will have free access to SendGrid's Bronze level email service which includes delivery of up to 40,000** emails each month. That's right—along with hosting from the world's leading specialist in the hosting & cloud computing industry, you can also benefit from the added value of SendGrid—so you no longer have to send and manage all of your emails or perform the time-consuming analytics. SendGrid can assist you. And they do much more.

Here's an example of how a Rackspace hosted solution can intergrate with SendGrid's service:

Here's What the SendGrid Bronze Plan Includes:

Basic Deliverability Features       

  • Domain Keys
  • DKIM

Basic Reporting and Analytics

  • Requests
  • Delivered
  • Bounces
  • Repeat Bounces
  • Spam Reports
  • Repeat Spam Reports
  • Invalid Email Requests

Custom Integration and APIs

  • SMTP Relay
  • Web API

Advanced Reporting and Analytics

  • Open Tracking
  • Click Tracking
  • Subscription Tracking 

Adding SendGrid is easy. Current customers can take advantage of this special offer by contacting your Rackspace Account Team or by logging into the MyRackspace® customer portal (Managed customers) or the Control Panel (Cloud Customers) and look for the special offer announcement.

New customers can take advantage of this special offer by notifying their sales representative during signup.

Customers can also sign up for Sendgrid through our Cloud Tools Marketplace.

Note: Valid for Rackspace Hosting customers only with at least one dedicated or cloud server on their account.

Note: Customers approaching the 40,000 per month email limit will be advised to upgrade to another SendGrid plan in order to send more than the allotted 40,000 emails.


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